As we all try to adjust to what is going on around us and try to determine the best way to keep our families and ourselves safe, we all have decisions to make.  In my case, I have to consider what will keep my clients safe as well.  For every student I see face to face, that student and their family, as well as every other family I see after that are exposed to whatever potential germs are out there.

I believe it is in the best interest of all to add this method for service not only for safety but as a permanent option for parents who have been and will continue to juggle careers and family time. For those interested in considering this option, you will find a Request for Remote Service Consult form on our Student Support Services page.

As schools roll out their plans for continuing the school year to ensure our students don’t fall behind, please share that information with me so that I can assist in any way I can.  Since we know that schools are planning to resume April 15th, the only thing we can do right now is plan for what we are being told. One of the ways I can assist will be to schedule regular morning meetings with students to touch base to determine what their plan is for the day. It will be easy for students to let things slide during this time and I am hoping with the right plan and support we can prevent that from happening.  Providing structure and a plan will be beneficial for positive outcomes.

Understandably, people are experiencing a lot of stress with the changes going on.  Our kids are as well.  I am open to conversations about what you feel would be beneficial for you and your family.

Virtual Consult Service Form