“We believe in her work and love for our son and we are very blessed and thankful for having Lori on our side!”

Lori Stephens has been our son’s life coach for about 2 years now.  She came into our lives when our son was in the 5th grade and was diagnosed with ADHD predominately inattentive type.  He struggles with organizational skills, inattentiveness, social awkwardness etc.  Lori has worked with him greatly and with her help, has gotten us the tools that our son needs to function properly in school.  We have seen such a great difference in our son especially during the hard, middle school transition (5th to 6th grade).  He has matured greatly, in school he is blooming and even at home we have seen such a positive change.  Lori has brought out skills in our son that we never knew he had.  There is still some work to do with him, however I truly trust Lori will continue that fight.

Lori is an amazing, professional life coach and passionate advocate who takes pride in what she does, and is not afraid of “getting dirty” if needed.  She strives to help children in need and dig into the educational system to get the tools needed for our children’s assistance.  We believe so much in what she does and how she is slowly changing our lives (our son’s of course, and ours as well, because she has helped us work with our son as well).   We believe in her work and love for our son and we are very blessed and thankful for having Lori on our side!


Christine Medina

We could not have done it without her.

Lori has been my daughter’s education advocate throughout high school. Without her persistence, coaching, and academic advice,e my daughter would not be on schedule to graduate this May 2017. I hasten to say that we could not have done it without her. Above all, she is a good and decent human being that doesn’t charge what she is worth.

Patrick Bobalik
Bradenton, Florida

Her persistence and resilience for children with disabilities is amazing.

Lori Stephens walked into my daughter’s life and changed her world. The school system is a difficult challenge for children with disabilities. My daughter has autism.

Autism comes with many different levels which are called the spectrum. The spectrum, I believe, still baffles our educational system. So trying to get a fair, inclusive, quality education for my child has been difficult. Lori has assisted me through a maze of systematic procedures and policies. Lori advocates and navigates through the system until the child has the top-of-the-line educational services. Her persistence and resilience for children with disabilities is amazing. Lori not only talks the talk she walks the walk. Thank you Lori.

Lori brings the “Recipe For Success”

It isn’t very often that we cross paths with someone who truly makes a difference in our lives. Lori Stephens has done just that. Our seven-year-old son, Andrew, started working with Lori a year ago when he was struggling with his handwriting skills in first grade.

I was skeptical that having him meet with Lori once a week would get him to where he needed to be. Now, at the start of second grade, not only does he write legibly but his handwriting is one of the best in his class! He is very proud of himself for the many compliments he receives in this area.

As luck would have it, just as Lori was wrapping up the handwriting tutoring with Andrew, he was diagnosed with ADHD. His difficulty focusing on the increased demands in second grade were causing him to bring home D’s and F’s on his reading tests. We turned to Lori for help.

That is when I learned she is also a reading specialist. In fact, that is her specialty! We changed our focus from handwriting skills to reading comprehension and the PACE program for his focus / memory skills. We’ve only been working on this for a month or two but already his grades are improving in reading comprehension. He is reading so much more fluently and is able to keep his focus on what he is reading without skipping over words he doesn’t understand. He is getting mostly B’s on his reading tests now!

We are so thrilled to see his progress and the boost in his self-esteem. We owe it all to Lori… she has been so amazing with him! She is encouraging and positive while being firm and commanding respect. It is an excellent mix of traits that is a recipe for success! I can’t thank you enough, Lori!

Sincerely, Nicole Mattei

So appreciative to have you on MY side!

We just wanted to say thank you. I have stayed awake so many nights crying, feeling alone, and not knowing what else to do.

I feel like Hashem (God) has brought you into our lives and I am so grateful that you were willing to take our case on and help, not only Jacob, but his brothers, Eric, and myself. I absolutely love and adore you and am so appreciative to have you on MY side!

Love Eric, Michelle, Joshua, Alexandria, Thomas, Justin, Jacob, Jaiden and Layla Barrett (Murphy)
March 12, 2013

Lori is direct, honest, and encouraging.

I have known Lori for over 10 years and have observed her in the classroom setting, as an administrator, parent advocate and as a behavioral coach/specialist.

She excels in helping children and parents develop a vision of all they can achieve in school and in society. She is direct, honest and encouraging.

Above all, she is a professional educator who is masterful at teaching children and families to identify and use the tools that are available to them to assure success.

Karen MacDougall RN, MA
Developmental-behavioral nurse specialist
Apr 10, 2013

Our teenager was being bullied.

Lori Stephens came to our rescue when a situation at school began to spiral out-of-control. Our teenager was being bullied and it had been an ongoing issue. Not enough was being done to stop the bullying, we were not being heard. To make matters worse our teenager was reacting by withdrawing, his grades were failing, and he had extremely low self-esteem. We were afraid of things escalating to the point of no-return.

Lori stepped in with her expertise and knowledge of student’s rights. She gave us the support and strategies that empowered us to better advocate for our child. Lori consulted with us and was at our side during meetings at school. She has been invaluable in helping us turn a negative outcome into a positive one. Lori has a no-nonsense approach to today’s problems that impact families such as ours.

We are so thankful to have Lori Stephens on our side. Her professionalism shines through in all her interactions even when issues become heated. Our family is on the mend because of Lori’s input, and we are sincerely grateful for all she has done.

Becky McKinney

I knew nothing about how to help a child with disabilities.

After my daughter’s first evaluation that labeled the disabilities I was afraid existed, I left the doctor’s office in tears. I knew nothing about how to help a child with disabilities, and had neither experience nor a network of people with experience to be able to help me anticipate and respond to the challenges ahead.

On the short list of things the doctor did recommend I do, was to call Lori Stephens. I called Lori and ended up meeting the person who would hold my hand through many challenges that lie ahead. We had a long way to go before Ani would be able to access the services that would meet her educational, social/emotional, and physical needs — Lori helped me navigate the school system, learning how to advocate for what my daughter was entitled by law.

She also helped me understand Ani’s challenges in a practical way that enabled me to respond better to undesired behaviors as a parent. Lori also worked directly with Ani to strengthen her cognition and behavioral responses, and Lori has been the friend that has helped me stay positive on the uphill climb to get my daughter to the place she is today.

Lori is an asset to our community, our children, and the families that are eager to learn how to raise responsible, respectful, and confident children.

Sherri Potter

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