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School Reviews: Sea of Strengths Academy

School Reviews: In my work as an advocate I have many families ask me if I know of a good private school placement for their child as their current situation isn’t a good fit.  In order to make good referrals visiting different private schools in the area is essential so that I know what their programming looks like in motion, so that I can see the students in their school and so that I can see the environment. Sea of Strengths Academy is known to serve students with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Last week I visited John Hettler, the Principal at Sea of Strengths Academy.  I love this quiet learning environment!  Sea of Strengths Academy has been in operation since 2009 and currently has 24 students ranging from 2nd through 9th grade.  They serve students with learning challenges, specifically in reading and writing.  They have summer programming available for their students as well as students in the community that could use some extra reading support this summer.

A few changes I noticed with this visit were some structural changes to the environment.  There is now a waiting area out front that allows parents to enter the building without intruding on the learning environment.  They have also changed the learning environment to include a space for the 9th graders using an online integrated learning approach.  That was another change!  They’ve added the ability to serve high schoolers’ that need a high school curriculum with the support of their knowledgeable staff.  The last big change I noticed was their playground outside in the gated area!  A great way for students to move their bodies and be outside!

Sea of Strengths Academy tries diligently to serve all families regardless of their financial situation. They accept the McKay, Gardiner and Step Up scholarships.  They also have some private funding for additional scholarships.  For more information please visit or call to schedule your visit today at (941)538-6822.

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