tutor and coach for school success

From the beginning, we will work with an initial action plan and overall expected outcomes and duration of program.  The plan will be modified as we measure results from week to week, and I’ll share updates on a regular basis.

We will schedule regular meetings with the student and the parents (or family) to create and modify the action plan as we measure the outcomes week to week.  Meeting days/times may vary depending on student work load and the need, however, a regularly scheduled meeting provides coaching and learning time even when the stress of deadlines are not present to impede further growth and change.

Each Sunday and Thursday evening I log-in to monitor grades and track progress. Parents will receive a weekly report on grades and documented patterns, including missing assignments, so that students will be held accountable for them.

It is also my responsibility to maintain regular contact with teachers regarding missing and upcoming assignments and to attend all parent/teacher conferences. I will also observe the student in the classroom, as needed.

While I can provide support with assignments, my focus is to teach organization and time management strategies so that your child becomes better able to solve problems and plan for his or her own school success.

School starts August 10th and our School Success Coaching Program begins on August 1st. Are you prepared for this school year? Do you need and want a plan? Registration is open and spaces are limited. Contact Lori now!

Expected Outcomes

  • A specific action plan with goals and objectives
  • Student and parent feel supported and heard.
  • Trust is established through regular meetings.
  • Timely attention to student’s needs with escalated support when needed
  • Academic support for homework
  • Time management and organization for all upcoming assignments/projects
  • Interventions and study strategies implemented immediately
  • Weekly reports and updates on current grades, missing assignments, and upcoming projects for quick response or intervention
  • Objective observation for adjustment in perspective if necessary
  • Interpretation and insight of information provided by school


  • Everyone is clear on expected outcomes

For the student

  • Increasing ability to process through information and situations results in less stress.
  • Assignments completed in a timely basis result in better grades and less stress.
  • As grades improve, so do confidence, independence, and further accountability.

For the parents

  • Tracking grades on a frequent basis provides the opportunity to determine if interventions are necessary.
  • Ability to quickly identify missing assignments, or other issues, addresses issues before it’s “too late.”
  • A success coach working directly with the student creates the opportunity for a different relationship between parent and child.
  • Parents save the time of having to review grades on-line.
  • Students and parents come to truly understand what is going on in the classroom.
  • School success coaching sets the stage for maximum influence for change when necessary.
  • Quarterly workshops on topics covered in the one one sessions with your child are included in this programming.