Standard Monitoring

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Investing in a monitoring program considerably streamlines a parent’s time and effort to gain a clear understanding of his or her student’s progress in the classroom.

Monitoring involves accessing weekly grade reports to track progress and document patterns.  You will receive a weekly report with the grade markers, missing and due assignments, red-flagged patterns and a suggestion for intervention as needed

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Quick awareness of any missing assignments or downturn in grades.
  • Frequently tracking grades provides the opportunity see patterns and to determine if interventions are necessary.
  • Parents have more free to time to attend to their child instead of searching online for grade reports.

Monitoring Plus Program

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Our Monitoring Plus Program expands the vigilance to twice weekly tracking on Sunday and Thursday evenings, and introduces one-on-one support for your student.

In addition to tracking progress, documenting patterns, and weekly reporting to parents, the Plus adds regular contact with teachers regarding missing and upcoming assignments to assist your student with planning.

Individual meetings with the student as needed support his or her efforts to plan and follow through on class assignments and projects.


Outcomes and Benefits

All of the above, PLUS

  • Doubles the speed in which missing assignments, declining scores, and patterns can be addressed and resolved.
  • The student gains support and confidence in time management and organizing their work on upcoming assignments/projects.
  • Our one-on-one meetings with the student on school issues allows for a different relationship between parent and child.