What is the difference between a learning specialist and a tutor?

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I'm so glad you asked!

Tutors work with the student hands-on to help them complete assignments on time and to the best of his or her ability. If more than a "homework helper" is needed,  a subject matter tutor is skilled in the discipline that your child is struggling with and provide extra academic drills, as well as help students prepare for tests.

A learning specialist will help students who may need a new approach to the subject matter because of overarching learning differences, such as ADHD or limited executive functioning skills.

Learning specialists have degrees and special education teaching experience, and employ various methodologies.

Working with a learning specialist can transform how your child approaches academic experiences.

If your child is struggling in the classroom environment and you are not sure whether a tutor or a learning specialist is called for, please contact me for an objective assessment of your child's challenges.