school reports and better grades

What to expect with education advocacy

My first priority as an education advocate is to review of all documents created by the school, doctor, psychologist, counselor, occupational therapist, speech therapist, etc., and gain a thorough understanding of your concerns for your child in the school system. In addition, I will attend all CARE and IEP meetings and remain in contact with school personnel, administrators, and teachers as needed to ensure that accommodations for your child are being implemented.

We will have regular strategy meetings and I will take the opportunity to evaluate your child’s situation through individual meetings with him or her, as well as objective observation in the classroom.

This program includes weekly monitoring of grades, assignment status, and a quarterly report documenting occurrences in the classroom to track progress and signal the need for further intervention.


Outcomes and Benefits of Education Advocacy

  • Gain the confidence of better understanding official documentation and data and the situations when meetings with school staff are necessary.
  • Parents stay up-to-date on events and needs through weekly reports, streamlining the time it takes to gain a complete picture of the student’s progress and the ability to identify when further accommodations are necessary.
  • Know that your advocate is producing more effective paperwork supporting your student’s needs (IEPs and 504s) and ensuring accommodations are being implemented.
  • Your advocate is there to offer support and understanding, and, by meeting with the student on school issues, allows for a different relationship between parent and child.
  • Student progress is enhanced by learning time management and organization for all upcoming assignments/projects.