behavioral issues

What is behavior support?

Has your child been reprimanded repeatedly? Does your son or daughter feel their teacher doesn't like them and can't explain why? Are you getting regular reports of poor behavior choices?

 I will be your liaison, observing what is actually going on in the classroom and ensuring you receive accurate information and guidance to make meaningful change.

What to expect with behavior support.

First, I observe your student in the classroom to objectively identify undesired behaviors and target behaviors.

Moving forward, I regularly attend to the following. I...

  • Interact with student in home and school environment to assess motivation of behavior
  • Create an action plan to support the desired behaviors.
  • Schedule egular meetings with teachers and parents to monitor and support the action plan.



Outcomes and benefits of behavior support.

  • First, everyone learns from the insight of an objective outside observer. This helps teachers and parents identify strategies for improvement.
  • Our plan, with measurable outcomes, clearly identifies what is working and what needs to be modified.
  • The student typically feels understood and supported as I gain their trust and deepen our understanding of his or her behavior.
  • All of the previously stated results lead to swifter progress as the behaviors change. Finally, the modified behaviors improve your student’s overall social well-being and performance in school.