School Success Coaching

When you want to provide a concentrated effort on several fronts—learning specialist to advocacy—to help your child thrive in the classroom and life.

Advocacy Program

When you want an experienced partner to navigate school bureaucracy and communications to ensure your child receives the accommodations he or she needs.

Learning Specialist and Monitoring

When you want to better understand what challenges your child is dealing with and identify what can be done to help.

school success options

He is getting mostly B’s on his reading tests now!

It isn't very often that we cross paths with someone who truly makes a difference in our lives. Lori Stephens has done just that. Our seven-year-old son, Andrew, started working with Lori a year ago when he was struggling with his handwriting skills in first grade.

I was skeptical that having him meet with Lori once a week would get him to where he needed to be. Now, at the start of second grade, not only does he write legibly but his handwriting is one of the best in his class! He is very proud of himself for the many compliments he receives in this area.

As luck would have it, just as Lori was wrapping up the handwriting tutoring with Andrew, he was diagnosed with ADHD. His difficulty focusing on the increased demands in second grade were causing him to bring home D’s and F’s on his reading tests. We turned to Lori for help.

That is when I learned she is also a reading specialist. In fact, that is her specialty! We changed our focus from handwriting skills to reading comprehension and the PACE program for his focus / memory skills. We’ve only been working on this for a month or two but already his grades are improving in reading comprehension. He is reading so much more fluently and is able to keep his focus on what he is reading without skipping over words he doesn’t understand. He is getting mostly B’s on his reading tests now!