Do you feel that you have tried everything and you don't know what to do next?

As a Parent, do you have these questions? If so, you have come to the right place!

Is your child struggling with learning how to organize their time and follow through on tasks?

Do you need help in getting the school system to meet the needs of your child?

Is your child struggling with learning difficult concepts making it hard for them to complete their homework?

Do you understand why your child is challenged in the learning process and how to help them?

Are you able to monitor your child’s grades weekly to help your child stay on track so they don’t fall behind?

How confident are you that your child understands all the social and life-coping skills necessary for them to succeed in life?

Do you sense that your child is struggling but don’t know what to do?

Is your child having behavioral issues that are stopping your child from thriving in any learning environment and want to understand what is going on and address it?

When you need the help of a caring professional who has over 20 years experience helping parents and kids find success, please give me a call! 


Lori Stephens, M.A. Powerful Education Solutions
Speaker, Educational Advocate and School Success Coach

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School Success Coaching Program

Every child needs to learn how to organize his or her time and follow through on tasks, and many never learn these skills. If your child is struggling in class and grades are low, we seek to understand the root cause. School success coaching assesses the challenges and teaches organization skills, study habits, time management and more.

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Reading Intensives Program

Reading is the foundation to success in school and life.  Students that struggle with reading will struggle in school.  Reading intensives focus on supporting students in their areas of need to improve their basic reading skills therefore improving their school success.

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Advocacy Program

School is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Each child is different and has unique needs. If you are faced with the task of navigating school services to ensure your child is in an optimum learning environment, I serve as an advocate to stream-line communications and negotiations with teachers, administrators, and the school system.

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Reading Intensives and Life Skills Prep Camp 2020 have limited enrollment/spaces available so early registration is necessary to secure a spot for your child.

Learning Specialist & Tutoring

Some children need a tutor to help them learn difficult concepts and complete homework. A learning specialist is there to help the child, teachers, and parents understand the unique challenges a child faces in the learning process. Whether an issue is diagnosed or learning styles and preferences are accommodated, it can make all the difference in the world.

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Life Skills Prep Camp 2020

Classroom teachers don't have time to teach all the social and life-coping skills necessary for any individual to succeed in life. Our intensive summer sessions, filled with a variety of hands-on activities, will teach your child how to make better decisions for a better life.

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I don't know what we need.

No problem. Sometimes the solutions are not clear. Give me a call and we'll review the issues you are facing and come to an agreement on the educational support program that best suits your child.

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